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Photo of Erin Benson Erin Benson Director of the Disability Resource Center

As the Director of the Disability Resource Center, Erin leads the university’s commitment to educate and serve students with disabilities, ensuring equal educational opportunities as required by the ADA and other legislation. The Disability Resource Center houses three distinct services: the Test Accommodations Office for onsite classroom testing; the Assistive Technology Lab equipped with a variety of programs designed for people with disabilities; and Alternative Media Services, which converts required printed material into accessible formats for students with reading disabilities.…

Photo of Carolyn Arnold Carolyn Arnold Assistant Director, Disability Services

Carolyn Arnold joined the DRC’s staff as a Coordinator in 2000 and was promoted to a Senior Coordinator in 2013. Carolyn specializes in working with students diagnosed with ADHD, LD, psychological disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Before joining the DRC, Carolyn earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from UGA. She is also a Licensed Master Social Worker.

Photo of Kevin Karneboge Kevin Karneboge Assistant Director, Interpreting & Captioning Services

Kevin Karneboge joined the DRC’s staff as a Sign Language Interpreter in 1994 and was later promoted to his current position of Senior Coordinator of Interpreter Services. Kevin supervises sign language interpreting and captioning for the classroom including instructional media. He interprets in secondary and post-secondary educational settings. He often interprets in classrooms and at campus events.…

Photo of Emmie G. Bennett, M.A. Emmie G. Bennett, M.A. Assistant Director

Emmie Bennett joined the DRC staff as an Assistant Director in September 2021. Prior to joining the DRC, Emmie worked for UGA’s Office of Student Conduct and Department of Recreational Sports.

A two-time graduate of UGA, Emmie received her A.B.J. from the Grady College of Journalism and earned her M.A.

Photo of Trisha Tonge Barefield Trisha Tonge Barefield Associate Director of University Testing Services
Photo of Christine Carpenter Christine Carpenter Alternative Media Specialist

Christine Carpenter joined the DRC’s staff as an Alternative Text Production Assistant in 2013. In 2015, she began a new role as a Captioning Assistant and C-Print Transcriptionist. Christine provides students with captions for media viewed in the classroom as well as real-time captioning for class lectures and discussions. Before joining the DRC, Christine studied Theatre at the University of North Texas and American History at UGA.

Photo of Teresa Edwards Teresa Edwards Coordinator, Disability Services

Teresa Edwards joined the DRC’s staff as an Accommodated Testing Specialist in 2004 and currently serves as the Temporary Impairment Coordinator where she manages the caseload of students dealing with temporary complications to ensure appropriate testing and classroom needs. Teresa is a champion for the Disability Resource Center and has served students and the department in many capacities.…

Photo of Brad Erbesfield Brad Erbesfield Senior Coordinator, Disability Services

Brad Erbesfield joined the DRC’s staff as an Education Program Specialist in 2015. He became a Coordinator Assistant in July 2016 and was promoted to Senior Coordinator in December 2016. Before joining the DRC, Brad earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Child & Family Development with a certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership and a Master of Art degree in Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Georgia.

Photo of Liv Evans Liv Evans Senior Disability Coordinator

Liv Evans joined the DRC’s staff as a Senior Coordinator in July 2021. Liv attended Tulane University for her undergraduate degree in Public Health, and then earned her Master’s of Education in Higher Education Administration from NC State University. Liv currently supports a varied caseload of students in her role as Senior Coordinator.

Photo of Faye Fleming Faye Fleming Senior Disabilty Coordinator

Faye Fleming joined the DRC in August 2019 as a Senior Coordinator. Faye attended UGA as a non-traditional student, graduating magna cum laude in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Faye went on to earn her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Georgia in 2016.…

Photo of Annie Gibson Annie Gibson Senior Proctor, Accommodated Testing

Annie Gibson joined the DRC’s staff as an Alternative Text Production Assistant in 2009. She was promoted to Senior Proctor in the Accommodated Testing Office in 2013. In her current position, Annie administers approved testing services for students with disabilities and communicates with faculty regarding testing. Annie is a certified yoga instructor and facilitates the DRC’s Quiet Mind Program.…

Photo of Amanda Hales Amanda Hales Senior Coordinator, Disability Services

Amanda Hales joined the DRC’s staff as an Administrative Assistant in 2008. She was promoted to a Coordinator in 2014. Currently, Amanda manages a caseload of students and serves as the DRC Scholarship Liaison. As the DRC Scholarship Liaison, Amanda helps plan the annual scholarship reception, disseminates information about DRC scholarships, and assists students with applying for the DRC’s scholarships.

Photo of Sarah Kesler Sarah Kesler Administrative Manager

Sarah Kesler joined the Disability Resource Center’s staff as the Administrative Associate in 2008. Currently, Sarah serves as the Senior Administrative Manager for the DRC and University Testing Services. She manages budgets and human resources processes within the DRC and UTS and functions as a member of the DRC’s leadership team, providing logistical support to both departments.…

Photo of Austin Kovarik Austin Kovarik Information Technology Manager

Austin Kovarik joined the DRC’s staff as a Support Technician for the Assistive Technology Lab in 2008. He quickly transitioned to an IT Leadership position in University Testing Services. Austin then rejoined the DRC as Information Technology Manager in 2011. In his current position, Austin oversees all technology in the DRC including network connectivity, data security, staff workstations, student loaner equipment, and the Assistive Technology Lab and its staff.…

Photo of Jimmy Lim Jimmy Lim Senior Test Administration Specialist

Jimmy Lim joined the DRC’s staff in February 2016 as a Student Proctor and was promoted to Accommodated Testing Assistant in August 2018. Jimmy supports students registered with the DRC by providing testing accommodations and proctoring exams. He also works closely with faculty and staff and supervises student workers in the Accommodated Testing Office. Jimmy recently graduated from the University of Georgia, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English while also minoring in Film Studies.

Photo of Tammie Martin Tammie Martin Front Desk Specialist

Tammie Martin joined the DRC’s staff as a Main Desk Accommodations Assistant in 2014. Tammie serves as the DRC’s initial point of contact. She communicates with students, parents, professors, and members of the community via telephone and in person whenever they contact the DRC. She also assists the DRC’s staff with maintaining student records. Before joining the DRC, Tammie worked in UGA’s Office of Student Financial Aid.…

Photo of Marvin Mathis Marvin Mathis Assistive Technology Specialist
Photo of Eileen Moore Eileen Moore Budget Specialist

Eileen Moore joined the DRC’s staff as an Administrative Assistant in 2001. Currently, Eileen serves as an Administrative Associate and oversees the hiring process and payroll for all part-time staff. She also coordinates notetaker sign-up and payment, handles purchasing and payment processing, assists with monitoring departmental accounts, and prepares budget reports. Additionally, Eileen processes deposits and payments, including scholarships, through the DRC’s Foundation accounts.

Photo of Roman Surveyor Roman Surveyor C-Print & Captioning Specialist

Roman Surveyor joined the DRC’s staff as an Assistive Technology Lab Technician in 2010. He was promoted to his current position as a C-Print (real-time notetaking) and Captioning Specialist. Roman provides C-Print Captioning to students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in their daily classes. He also assists the DRC’s Alternative Media Center with transcription and closed captioning services.

Photo of Whitney Voyles Whitney Voyles Captioning and C-Print Assistant
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