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Welcome to the Disability Resource Center at the University of Georgia

The Disability Resource Center assists the University in fulfilling its commitment to educate and serve students with disabilities who qualify for admission. The Disability Resource Center coordinates and provides a variety of academic and support services to students. Our mission is to promote equal educational opportunities and a welcoming academic, physical, and social environment for students with disabilities at the University of Georgia.

Register for Services

New to DRC or UGA? This link helps you get started. You can request services and learn what documentation you will need to provide before registering with the DRC. More Information on Registering for Services

Campus Accessibilty

Get classroom access, program access, facility accessibilty information, and more. More Information on Campus Accessibility

Accommodation Guidelines


What does an instructor need to know about classroom and testing accommodations? For specific information, go to Accommodation Guidelines for Faculty.


Where can a student go to learn about individual accommodations?  For specific information, go to Accommodation Guidelines for Students.

Notetaker Registration

Find the Notetaker Signup Sheet, Honoraria and Fees information, and the Vendor Profile Form. More Information on Notetaker Registration

Registering Service Animals in Training

Students with service animals in training (puppy raisers) must register with the DRC. Student with a service animal due to a disability are also encouraged to register. Read the UGA Service Animal Policy here or learn about the registration process here.


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