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Student Responsibilities

The Disability Resource Center understands that individuals with temporary impairments that are a result of injuries or surgeries may need access to temporary accommodations in the classroom. Examples of temporary impairments may include, but are not limited, broken limbs, hand injuries, or short-term impairments following surgery or medical treatments.

Students who need assistance communicating with professors due to a hardship or absences related to illnesses (e.g. Mono, flu) should contact Student Care and Outreach.

Students seeking parking or transportation assistance due to a temporary impairment should work directly with Transportation and Parking Services. Detailed information to assist with this process can be found can be found on the Transportation and Parking guide.

To apply for temporary accommodations for academic courses, students can follow the registration procedures below.

  • Access the Online Student Application
  • Follow the instructions at the top of the page. Complete a series of questions designed to provide more information about your diagnosis, current academic impacts, and requested accommodations for UGA. You should receive an email confirmation upon submission of your application. If you do not receive an email, please contact our office.
  • Submit documentation relating to your temporary impairment. Students may provide a DRC Temporary Documentation Request Form. Documentation can be uploaded along with your application to the AIM Student Portal. You can also fax, mail, email, or hand deliver your documentation to our office.
  • Attend an initial interview with your Temporary Accommodations Coordinator. They will contact you via email to schedule an initial interview via your UGA email

Note: If you require this application in an alternative format, please click through to the PDF version: Student Application Alternate Form. 

Examples of Appropriate Accommodations

  • Temporary access to classroom notes
  • Recording lectures
  • Extended time on tests