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General Accommodations

Not usually. Most students do not need any change in teaching style, however, some students need adjustments to access a course. For example, instructors may be asked to verbalize when writing on the board to accommodate a student with a visual impairment.

The student is responsible for contacting the DRC and providing documentation of a disability. The staff uses federal regulations as a guide to determine what academic accommodations the student is eligible for in the classroom. Academic accommodations are not provided to ensure a student’s academic success, but are provided to give the student equal opportunity during their academic career at the University of Georgia.

The DRC never asks faculty to lower grading standards. However, reasonable alternatives for course requirements may be requested based on a particular student’s disability. For example, in a lab where students are required to work individually, a student who has limited hand use may require a lab assistant to aid in manual dexterity.

Professional staff at the DRC are available to discuss any questions or concerns that faculty may have about requested accommodations. Feel free to contact a coordinator or the Director at 542-8719.

The DRC is a resource for you. Please feel free to refer students to the DRC and ask that they obtain a letter documenting their disabilities and accommodation needs.

First, talk to the student about your concerns. If the student is agreeable, refer the student to the DRC. The staff will be happy to assist the student in identifying an appropriate agency for assessment or evaluation.

The DRC negotiates to have course sections moved to accessible locations for students with mobility impairments registered with our office.

No. The DRC encourages professors and instructors to provide testing accommodations within the classroom or department. If you have any questions about the best way to provide an accommodation, do not hesitate to contact the disability testing coordinator at 542-8719.

Testing Accommodations

Students, approved for test accommodations, should provide you with a letter from the Disability Resource Center indicating the testing accommodations needed. Test accommodations may include but are not limited to: extended time, low distraction environment or private room, use of a computer, large print, scribe or reader. Specific accommodations are specified in the letter.

A low distraction environment is a testing locale with minimal interruptions and limited noise. Smaller classrooms with few students or a quiet office would be suitable. It is important to discuss the proposed testing environment with the student in order to determine the appropriateness of the testing environment. Some suggestions are: quiet room or office, schedule student’s test when appropriate room is available.

It is not necessary for the instructor to contact the Disability Resource Center if providing test accommodations within the department nor is it necessary to complete the Testing Accommodations forms.

NOTE: The Disability Resource Center does not expect you to change course guidelines or standards. The purpose of accommodations is to ensure equal educational opportunity.

Please contact the Disability Resource Center at 706-542-8719 if you have any questions or concerns about providing test accommodations. The student’s Disability Coordinator or the Testing Coordinator can provide assistance.

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