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Notetaking FAQ - Faculty

In most cases, one student will serve as a notetaker for every student in your section that needs a notetaker.  If you teach multiple sections of the same course, then we can apply the same notetaker to each individual section, so long as the course material and notes covered are identical for each section that you teach.  To have the same student serve as a notetaker across sections with different CRN numbers, please make a written request to Samra Ward at .

As soon as a request is made, you should receive an email with instructions on how to recruit a notetaker.  Options include making a verbal announcement in class, using the template email that we provide in our initial accommodations request contact, and posting the template email to ELC.  If you have a specific student in mind that you would like to serve as a notetaker, please email by the end of drop/add period. If you do not have a student in mind, you may use the email template below to recruit a notetaker:


You are receiving this email because a student in your course is in need of a notetaker.  The Disability Resource Center now uses a fully-online notetaking registration system. If you are interested in being a notetaker this spring semester, please follow the instructions below.

Important: Filling out this information does not mean that you have been assigned as a notetaker. You will be informed via UGA Email after drop/add week if the DRC has matched you with a notetaking assignment. Please check your UGA email inbox regularly. Compensation for students is $100 per course.

Instructions: The first step in becoming a notetaker is to register online through DRC Online Notetaker Portal: (you will use you UGA MyId credentials, the same that you use for your UGA email and Athena). You will need to have your complete schedule printed or open in another window with CRN numbers, and when asked to enter your School ID, please enter your 81x number. Please read your notetaker contract carefully, as it outlines important information and your payment information.  Notetakers are selected after drop/add week, and if you are identified as a “match” for a class, you will receive an email from the DRC asking you to confirm the assignment.  Additional information about being a notetaker may be found here:  Notetaker Registration Page.  As a reminder, no application is considered complete until the online application and the PDF sign-up sheet (found here: Sign Up , Supplier Registration).  To maintain this position, you must also upload notes to the online system (not provide hard copies) within 24-48 hours of the class meeting.

If you have a specific student in mind to serve as the notetaker, please provide us with the student’s name by the end of drop/add period and encourage the potential notetaker to fill out the online application (found here: and review the FAQ and upload instructions pages.  Please do not provide student contact information directly, as this discloses that a student is registered within the DRC.  

  1. Yes, if the student also receives the accommodation of Disability Related Absences
  2. No, if the student is missing class without having other approved accommodations to support the absences. Please contact with the student’s name, course information, and the days the student has missed class. The DRC will restrict the student’s access to the missed day’s uploaded notes.