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Sign language Interpreters are present in the classroom and interpret all classroom information into sign language and all signed information into voiced English.  The Interpreter generally stands in the front of the classroom in a visible but unobtrusive location. Interpreters work under a strict code of ethics, and therefore cannot answer any questions pertaining to the student’s accommodations, performance, or attendance.  Please consult directly with the student.  It is extremely difficult to take notes and watch an Interpreter simultaneously; therefore it is recommended that the student utilize two notetakers to ensure accurate and complete notes.

A note on Sign Language: Sign Language utilizes a grammar structure and syntax that differs somewhat from English.  As a result, some students may exhibit non-standard English usage in their written expression and reading comprehension.  Unless this is an English class, it may be appropriate to focus on content rather than grammatical usage and syntax.  It may also be necessary to clarify, rephrase, or reformat multiple-choice, essay, and other written tests.