Contact the DRC

Clark Howell Hall
825 South Lumpkin Street
Athens, GA 30602

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students requesting disability related accommodations are encouraged to register with the DRC as soon as possible and follow all applicable policies and procedures for requesting accommodations and documenting their disabilities.
  2. Allow adequate time for the DRC to review your request prior to University Housing’s May 1st deadline for assigning rooms for the fall semester and December 1st deadline for assigning rooms for the spring semester. This will provide Housing the necessary time to arrange for the accommodation request. Students can register with the DRC prior to acceptance to UGA.
  3. If accepted to the University, the DRC encourages students to follow all the University Housing’s registration procedures and deadlines.
  4. Students are asked to be prepared to discuss specific housing needs based on the functional limitations of their disabilities. 

Disability Resource Center Responsibilities

  1. Determine if student requests are appropriate accommodations by talking with students about their disability related needs and by reviewing submitted documentation.
  2. Notify students when it is determined that the request is not disability related. Refer students by email to Kim Ellis, Associate Director for Assignments, at Documentation submitted to the DRC can be faxed to the Housing Assignments Office if requested by the student.
  3. When disability accommodations are recommended, submit the Housing Accommodations memo to the Associate Director for Assignments and Contracts in Housing.
  4. Notify the student once verification is received from the Assistant Director for Assignments and Contracts in Housing that the accommodation(s) will be met.

Note: The DRC’s recommended housing accommodations do not override the policies of any particular agency, office, or department. If you have other special housing needs, not related to a disability, please contact Housing directly at