Contact the Testing Office

205 Clark Howell Hall
Athens, GA 30602

Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Trisha Barefield, Assistant Director
Tori Whitaker, Accommodated Testing Specialist

Instructors are responsible for providing proper testing accommodations for students registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) who are eligible to receive testing accommodations. If instructors are unable to provide accommodations, tests can be administered at the DRC Testing Accommodations Office (205 Clark Howell Hall) as a service to instructors. Whether tests are administered at the DRC, the department, or the classroom, instructors are key participants in the accommodations process.

If the instructor cannot provide accommodations within the department, the instructor can fill out a Testing Agreement by following the link included in the Notification of Accommodations email. Only one agreement needs be filled out per class section. If an instructor would like to use the same agreement for multiple sections, they can contact the Testing Accommodations Office at dstest@uga.edu and ask that the agreement be copied to multiple sections.

When filling out the Testing Agreement, it is important for instructors to include the following:

  • The time and date the student must take the exam
  • The amount of time the regular class will receive for the exam
  • What, if any, materials are allowed for use during the exam
  • The name and number of the type of Scantron, if any, to be used on the exam
  • Instructions for exam receipt and delivery
  • Any additional information our office needs to know about the exam

It is the responsibility of the student to sign into the online portal and schedule exam appointments. Students will only be allowed to schedule their exams during the class period unless otherwise specified by the instructor in writing (either in the agreement or in an email sent to dstest@uga.edu).

Instructors can access the AIM online faculty portal at the following link: DRC AIM Portal. In the portal, instructors can view a list of students who have requested accommodations in each class, the Notification of Accommodations letters for each student, any exam requests scheduled by the students, and the alternative testing agreement for each course. Instructors can also upload exams in the instructor portal.

If the exam involves a listening section or audio/visual portion, faculty members should make arrangements for the student to take these portions of the exam within the department.

When a reader or scribe accommodation is necessary for exams that involve specialized knowledge (i.e. foreign languages, upper level science/math classes), the instructor should call the DRC Testing Accommodations Office to make arrangements for an appropriate reader or scribe.

Exams can be emailed, uploaded to the faculty portal, picked up via DRC courier, or delivered to the DRC by the professor. We ask that faculty members submit tests to the DRC no later than 24 hours prior to the test appointment.

If any changes are made in the date or time of the exam, or in the materials allowed for the exam, the DRC must be made aware of these changes in writing (email will be acceptable) prior to the exam administration period.

The DRC Testing Accommodations Office does not copy tests or exams except during cases of believed academic dishonesty or other exceptional circumstances.

Please contact the Testing Accommodations Office at 706-542-7721 or the student’s Disability Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.