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Procedures for Core Math and Foreign Language Substitutions for Students with Disabilities

Students will:

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) by completing the on-line application and submitting appropriate documentation to the DRC.
  2. Meet with assigned DRC coordinator to discuss requested accommodations. It is important that the student discuss their history of academic learning in relation to learning the course he/she is requesting a substitution.


DRC will:

  1. Review the student’s documentation to determine if the disability significantly impacts the ability to learn the subject or if using accommodation(s) could lessen the impact of learning a foreign language.
  2. If a course substitution is deemed appropriate, the DRC will provide a letter of support to the specific department or committee.

a.  For a Foreign Language Substitution:

A letter of appeal will be written to the Director of Student Academic Support in Franklin College of Arts and Sciences or the Dean of the student’s college. Once approved, the student, in consultation with their academic advisor, will then select substitute courses from the approved list of courses. Students will need to submit the Franklin College’s Foreign Language Substitution Course Form to the Graduation Certification Office located in room 130 Memorial Hall to receive the final approval for the foreign language substitution

b.  For a Core Math Substitution:

This appeal will begin with your assigned DRC coordinator who will lead you through the process.  The Directors of the regional RCLDs (Regents Center for Learning Disorders) will review documentation (submitted by student’s coordinator) to determine if the student is eligible for a core math substitution. If eligibility is determined, then a UGA-level committee (comprised of DRC staff members, the department of mathematics, the school or college of the petitioning student) will determine if:

      • (1) the core mathematics requirement represents an essential component of the student’s program of study, and (2) whether or not the substitution will result in a fundamental alteration to the program of study.

If the core math substitution is approved at the UGA-level, the committee with submit the letter of appeal with their recommendations to the Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) for their approval. The EAC will notify the student of their decision. Please note that this process may take up to one semester to complete.


Note:  If you want to appeal the decision of the EAC, the appeal letter should be directed to:

Educational Affairs Committee
Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
University of Georgia
203 Administration Building
Athens, Georgia 30602-1651