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Accessible Classroom Furniture

After completing the intake process and establishing DRC services, your DRC coordinator may recommend that you make use of furniture accommodations in classrooms. Some potential reasons to make use of accessible furniture include, but are not limited to: students that use wheelchairs, students with chronic pain, students with muscular-skeletal disorders and students who require the use of assistive technology in the classroom. To support students in participating in their courses, the DRC provides accessible furniture options, including adjustable tables and desks, sit/stand desks, adjustable height stools, chairs with lumbar support, and chairs with padded arms or no arms.

DRC Procedure for Obtaining Accessible Desks, Stools, Chairs, or Other Furniture-related Accommodations

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center by following appropriate DRC procedures.
  2. Meet with assigned disability coordinator to discuss furniture needs at least four weeks prior to each semester.
  3. Utilize priority registration when registering for classes.
  4. Log into AIM at the following website: DRC AIM Online Services, select and customize your accommodations based on each class.
  5. Notify your assigned disability coordinator if for whatever reason the furniture placed by DRC becomes inaccessible to you (due to being moved from its dedicated location, blocked by any obstruction, or used by another student) please notify us. Please allow two to three days for placement of furniture. We will take all possible actions to correct the issue in a timely manner.
  1. Determine if the student’s request is an appropriate accommodation under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) during the interdisciplinary team meeting.
  2. Coordinate furniture-related accommodations for students through the DRC Room Accommodations Coordinator.

Note: Students who do not take advantage of priority registration cannot be guaranteed immediate access to accessible furniture. In some cases it may take up to three months to order and secure the necessary furniture. Pre-planning is imperative.

The DRC will fulfill your furniture requests to the best of our ability as our inventory allows.

Revised August 2018