UGA Admissions Timeline

Take Advantage of Resources in your High School or Postsecondary Education

High School Counselor/College Advisor
Your school counselor can help you with important forms such as FAFSA and the application process. Meet with your counselor to know what to expect and to craft a great application.

Special Education or 504 Coordinator
It’s important to understand how your diagnosis affects you. Are you running out of time on tests? Are you easily distracted? Do you find yourself reading and re-reading text?

While you’re still in high school, use the resource of your 504 or IEP Coordinator to begin discussing and learning more about your experiences, needs, and accommodations that are best for you.

Postsecondary Accommodations
For prospective transfer students, if you are receiving accommodations at your current school, work with your disability services coordinator to determine what you will need to submit following acceptance into UGA.

UGA Application Process

The very first step to becoming a UGA student is completing an application.

You can apply as an early applicant or apply for regular admission. The deadline for early applicants is much sooner than regular admissions, so be sure to check the calendar for important deadlines.

You can find the UGA Undergraduate Application at the Office of Admissions website.

UGA Housing and Housing Accommodations

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to UGA! For incoming first year students, as well as any transfer students wishing to live on campus, now you need to apply for housing.

First, be sure to fully complete the Housing Request form and return it by the set deadline. Visit the UGA Housing website for more information.

Next, if you need ADA accommodations for Housing, contact the Disability Resource Center as soon as you are accepted to UGA or read more about the application process for the DRC below. 


Financial Aid Resources

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) provides resources to help students find financial assistance. In addition, students with disability-related expenses may contact OSFA to have their additional expenses considered. See the Cost of Attendance page for more information. 

Registering for Services

Once you’ve been accepted to UGA, you can register for services at the DRC. To begin the process of registering with the DRC, you can complete the Student Application and submit any documentation you may have (see below for documentation guidelines). 

You can also call our office at 706-542-8719 to speak with a coordinator for more information on setting up accommodations. 

For more information about registering for services, please click here: DRC Register for Services

Preparing Documentation

The Disability Resource Center will review any documentation you have (psychological education evaluation, IEP or 504 Plan, letter from a specialist).

Review the documentation guidelines in order to better understand what to provide.

You can fax this documentation to the DRC office at 706-542-7719, hand deliver it to our offices in Clark Howell Hall, or submit your documentation online via the Student Application or via email at



All incoming students must attend an orientation session prior to the start of classes. Students cannot register for classes until they have attended their orientation session. For more information about orientation, please click here: UGA Orientation 

Placement Exams

Many students have to take placement exams in order to register for certain classes. You may be exempt from the exams, so be sure to review the requirements before scheduling an exam.

All placement exams should be completed before or during your orientation session. If you do not complete the exams, courses will be limited when you register for classes.

To schedule a placement exam, call University Testing Services at 706-542-3183 or visit their website here: UGA University Testing Services

Accommodated Testing
Please note! If you would like to request accommodations for your placement exams, you will need to complete the registration process with the DRC prior to setting these up. Make sure to allow for enough time to complete this process before you take your placement exams. 

Contact the DRC

Clark Howell Hall
825 South Lumpkin Street

VOICE: (706) 542-8719
FAX: (706) 542-7719
TTY: (706) 542-8778



Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm