Starting Classes

You've made it to the start of classes! By now, you should have completed all placement exams, met with your Coordinator, and registered for classes. There are just a few more items to review in order to receive accommodations and have a great first semester.

Professor Letters/ Accomodation Letters
After meeting with your DRC Coordinator and discussing accommodations, the Disability Resource Center will prepare Accommodation Letters for your professors. You can pick up the letters by scheduling an appointment with your Coordinator—just be sure to schedule the appointment before classes begin or the first week of the semester!

These packets will include important information for your professors, so plan on meeting with your instructors as early in the semester as possible.

Meeting with Your Professors
Within the first two weeks of classes, you will need to either visit your professors during office hours or schedule an appointment to review your accommodation letters. For privacy and confidentiality, do not simply approach professors after class.

When you meet with professors, explain your needs and complications related to your disability that may arise during the semester.

If you receive testing accommodations, discuss whether the professor is able to accommodate you in their department, or if you will need to test at the Disability Resource Center. If you'll test at the DRC, then complete the Accommodated Testing form with the professor and return it to the DRC at least one week before your first test.

High School vs. College Accomodations:

High School College
Class sizes are roughly 30-35 students Class sizes can vary from 30-300 students

Teachers are readily available

Professors are available during office hours and through email

Teachers know your accommodations and will follow through with them

You are responsible for making professors aware of your accommodations and ensure you receive them

Modifications can change the class requirements

No accommodation or modification can alter core course requirements

Students are protected by IDEA

Students are protected by ADA and Section 504

Quick Tips from UGA Students

Don't live too much in your dorm, but don't feel bad for not participating too much either. It's important to get used to college life before over-committing, and do that by making friends!
– UGA Sophomore

Prioritize! Get your work done, so you can have fun.
–UGA Freshman

Invest in a pair of good walking shoes—you'll want to walk around campus because it's so beautiful, and it's good exercise.
– UGA Sophomore

Go to class. Also try to make friends with your teachers.
– UGA Senior

Don't treat studying like you did in high school.
– UGA Freshman

Know all of your personal information (ex: social security number, UGA ID Number, and medical information).
– UGA Senior

Talk with your professors to get to know their past jobs, interests, and their current research. You can use this to network!
– UGA Graduate Student

Check your email and your eLC every day.
– UGA Junior

Get a good alarm clock. Trust me.
– UGA Sophomore

Contact the DRC

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FAX: (706) 542-7719
TTY: (706) 542-8778



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