Procedure for Involving Students in Research Projects

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) does not encourage research involving students served through this department. However, should a research project be requested, the following procedures apply.

  1. At least six weeks prior to intended commencement of a research activity the researcher(s) must submit the following to the Director of the Disability Resource Center.
    1. Five (5) copies of the research proposal. This proposal must include a full description of the methodology of the research, the precise amount of student time required for participation, the method by which student confidentiality and/or anonymity will be ensured, method of compensation, and other information that would be pertinent to full disclosure to potentially interested students.
    2. One (1) copy of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) application. The IRB application forms and detailed instructions can be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Research, Institutional Review Board [Human Subjects], Graduate Studies Research Center, UGA.
    3. Any or all documentation supporting the research proposal.
    4. Any documents, letters, flyers, etc. that would ultimately be used for the recruitment of student research participants.
  2. The DRC will assemble the DRC student issues committee to review the request for student participants who are registered with the DRC. The committee is comprised of the DRC Director and three members of the DRC professional staff.

    The student issues committee will carefully consider the IRB application, research proposal, supporting documentation, and recruitment literature. Questions regarding the proposal will be directed back to the researcher(s). The committee will grant or deny the request within three (3) business weeks from the date of receipt of the proposal. The committee reserves the right to grant approval pending stipulations and/or suggestions of reasonable modifications it feels are necessary for the welfare of student participants.

    The student issues committee's responsibilities are to ensure students' rights to privacy, guard against excessive use of the DRC data, and to ensure that research efforts will not be disruptive to the educational process of students with disabilities.

  3. If approval is granted by the DRC student issues committee, the researcher(s) may then proceed to submit the IRB application form to the IRB. Researcher(s) must follow all IRB policies and procedures. The DRC approval does not guarantee IRB approval.
  4. If IRB approval is granted, the researcher(s) must submit a copy of the IRB, Human Subjects, approval letter to the DRC student issues committee.
  5. The DRC agrees to mail the approved researcher(s) recruitment materials to all the DRC students who meet the requirements of the research proposal. The researcher(s) must agree to underwrite the cost of postage for the mailing on their behalf.
  6. Once recruitment materials have been mailed, it will then be the decision of each individual student whether or not to contact the researcher(s) for inclusion in the study. In order to preserve the confidentiality of the DRC students, at no time will the DRC staff provide the researchers with the names or other identifying information about any students served by the DRC.
  7. Once the study is underway, it is the responsibility of the researcher(s) to notify the DRC student issues committee when data collection ceases, when any protocol changes take place, or when any problem is encountered that may adversely affect a participant or participants.

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