Notetaker Payment Sign Up

Notetaker Payment Overview


To receive payment as a notetaker, you must receive notetaking assignments and upload notes in AIM. To register for notetaking assignments, please visit our page on How to Become a Notetaker. If you have questions, please contact the Disability Resource Center via email at


After receiving notetaking assignments, the payment process includes the following steps:


  1. Notetaker completes the Payment Sign Up Sheet. This must be done every semester you are a notetaker. See below for instructions and the link to this form.
  2. Notetaker completes the Supplier Registration if needed. This only has to be done once, the first time you are a notetaker. See below for instructions and the link to this form.
  3. The DRC reviews notes and determines payment eligibility. The maximum payment per class each semester is $100. If notes are only uploaded for a portion of the semester, this amount will be prorated based on the notes uploaded.
  4. The DRC processes payments for eligible notetakers. Payments should be received by notetakers within a month after the end of the semester.


Notetaker Payment Forms and Instructions


Notetaker Payment Sign Up Sheet


This form is designed to be filled out, signed using a digital signature, and emailed to our office.


  1. Open the Notetaker Payment Sign-up Sheet.
  2. Click the button “Enable All Features” in the upper right corner of the form. If this button does not appear, continue to the next step.
  3. Fill in all fields on the form.
  4. Add digital signature.
    1. Click in the signature field, which opens the “Sign with a Digital ID” box.
    2. Click “Configure New Digital ID”
    3. Select “Create a New Digital ID” and click “Continue”.
    4. Select “Save to File” and click “Continue”.
    5. Enter your name and email address. Leave the values in the remaining fields as they appear. Click “Continue”.
    6. Enter a password for your digital signature. Click “Continue”.
    7. Make sure your digital signature is selected and click “Continue”.
    8. Enter your password and click “Sign”.
  5. When prompted, save the form to your device.
  6. Email the saved form to


If you are unable to complete the form and sign it digitally:


  1. Print the form.
  2. Fill it out and sign the form by hand.
  3. Scan the form.
  4. Email the scanned form to


Supplier Registration


 The first time you are a notetaker, you must also complete the Supplier Registration. If you have completed this step in a previous semester, it does not have to be done again.


  1. Open the Supplier Registration Form
  2. For "Business Type" choose "Individual".
  3. For "Do you accept purchase orders?" choose "No."
  4. Provide your name, address, and other information as requested.
  5. Your name on the Supplier Registration must be your complete, legal name as it appears on your Social Security card.