Evacuation Chair Locations

  • Aderhold Hall: 3rd floor south, across from offices 315-318 (Carlton Street side)
  • Aderhold Hall: 4th floor north, across from room 402 (Green St. side)
  • Aderhold Hall: 5th floor south, across from offices 547-551 (Carlton Street side)
  • Aderhold Hall: 6th floor north (top), across from room 601 (Green St. side)
  • Biological Sciences Bldg: 2nd floor north, across from Janitor's closet and room 201 (Field St. side)
  • Biological Sciences Bldg: 5th floor east, across from room 546 (Cedar St. side)
  • Biological Sciences Bldg: 8th floor west (top), across from room 807 (Cedar St. side)
  • Boyd Graduate Studies Bldg: 8th floor east (top), by the Animal Quarters (DW Brooks Mall side)
  • Brooks Hall: 4th floor north (Herty Dr. side)
  • Brooks Hall: 4th floor south
  • Caldwell Hall: 6th floor south (top) (Herty Dr. side)
  • Chemistry: 6th floor west (top), by elevator (Cedar St. side)
  • Chemistry: 6th floor east (top) (Field St. side)
  • Clarke Howell Hall: 2nd floor north (top)
  • Forest Resources 1: 3rd floor north (top), across from room 306 (DW Brooks Mall side)
  • Forest Resources 3: 5th floor south (top) across from room 513
  • Geography/Geology Bldg: 3rd floor (top) west end, elevator (Cedar St. side)
  • Health Center: 3rd floor (top) north/east (back of the building)
  • Journalism: 5th floor west (top) (Sanford Drive side)
  • Law Library Annex: 2nd floor (west) in between elevator and automatic doors
  • Leconte Hall: 2nd floor (north) stairwell closest to lift
  • Life Sciences: 5th floor (top - east) Pod-A Biochemistry
  • Life Sciences: 5th floor (top - west) Pod-C Genetics
  • Main Library: 4th floor (east) outside stairwell by water fountains
  • Main Library: 7th floor (top - east) outside stairwell by water fountains
  • Miller Plant Sciences Bldg: 3rd floor (west) (DW Brooks Mall side)
  • Park Hall: 3rd floor (top - west) (Baldwin St. side)
  • Psychology Bldg: 6th floor (top - north) (Baldwin St. side)
  • Sanford Hall: 3rd floor (top - east) (Herty Dr. side)
  • Science Library: 4th floor (top - east)
  • Miller Learning Center: 4th floor (top - east-south)
  • Tate Center: 2nd floor (central - mezzanine) Campus Life office

Contact the DRC

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