Confidentiality and Release of Information Policy

1. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) ensures that all information obtained from students or other sources is considered confidential and secured in locked cabinets. Neither disability nor the use of accommodations is noted on a student's transcripts.

2. Student files can be accessed only by DRC staff members who have signed the Employee Confidentiality Agreement. One exception is disclosure to other university officials who have been determined to have a legitimate interest in the information.

3. Disability related documents created by the DRC will not be released to an outside third party without the written consent of the student (FERPA).

4. Disability related documents obtained from a third party (i.e. medical records, diagnostic reports) will only be released to the student with the appropriate written authorization.

5. The DRC may charge a fee for copying records.

6. Students have the right to review the contents of their files with a DRC staff member.

7. The DRC will retain a copy of all disability records for seven years. After seven years the records are expunged.

8. The confidentiality policy remains in effect after graduation.

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