A Guide for Parents

As a parent, you have probably been heavily involved with your student's educational goals, experiences, and accommodations. You have met with teachers and talked with health care providers over the past 18 years. With your student now entering college, some things will change, but know that there are several ways to help.

Before Leaving for College

Have discussions with your student about their disability. The more students understand about how their disability affects them, the better able they are to discuss their needs with others.

Meeting University Staff and Coordinators

Remember that the student is the expert, and let them do the talking. Listen and provide helpful information when needed, but let your student lead the meeting.

Once Classes Start

Know that the University cannot share sensitive student information with others, including parents. Respect the rules and guidelines set forth by FERPA. Trust your student and work with them as needed. Students must provide written consent for any information they wish to be shared with their parents.

A Letter From a Fellow Parent

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