Documentation Guidelines

The DRC evaluates disability documentation in accordance with the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) guidelines. Documentation is necessary to provide information about an individual’s diagnosis, as well as to assist with establishing reasonable accommodations.

Every accommodation request is evaluated on an individualized basis via an interactive process between the student and the coordinator. Therefore, the type of documentation required depends on the nature of the request, and is taken into consideration along with other factors, including the student self-report.

Documentation Requirements

Documentation should include: 

  • A diagnosis of the disability 

  • Symptoms of the disability and how the disability could impact the student in an academic environment 

  • Expected duration of the disability or condition

    • If the duration is less than 6 months, please see our guidelines for Temporary Impairments for further information. 

  • Suggestions for accommodations or appropriate support services

Documentation should be submitted by a qualified healthcare provider and include: 

  • Provider's contact information 

  • Provider's area of specialty

  • Provider's license number

  • Signature/electronic signature 

Documentation can be submitted in one or more formats, including: 

  • DRC Documentation Request Form, filled out by a qualified healthcare provider 

  • Psychoeducational evaluation or neuropsychological assessment

  • A letter, on official letterhead, written by a qualified healthcare provider

  • A visit summary, discharge papers, or other medical summary 

As a form of supporting documentation, which would need to be accompanied by one of the above formats, students may also submit information related to previous accommodations in K-12 and/or college, including 504 Plans, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), standardized testing accommodations, or previous college accommodation letters.

How to Submit Documentation

Documentation can be uploaded along with the AIM Student Application if it is in an electronic format. Students can also email their documentation directly to the DRC at

Documentation can be also be faxed to 706-542-7719 or hand delivered to our office in Clark Howell Hall. 

Additional Documentation Information 

If the documentation does not meet the guidelines listed above, students are still encouraged to submit any information they have related to their diagnosis. Students can work with the DRC to determine what additional documentation is necessary. In some cases, provisional accommodations can be set up while the student is in the process of gathering additional documentation. 

If a student does not have any documentation, they are still encouraged to contact the DRC. Our office can provide more information about documentation requirements, as well as provide referrals to resources on and off campus. 

All documentation submitted to the DRC is confidential and is kept separate from the student's academic record. 

DRC Documentation Request Form

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