About the Disability Resource Center

If you are a new or current student seeking services at the Disability Resource Center (DRC), we are excited to meet you. The DRC is committed to ensuring a welcoming and accessible college experience for you.

To request disability accommodations or services, please contact the DRC at 706-542-8719 to talk with a coordinator or to schedule an appointment for an intake interview. You can also begin the process of registering with the DRC by completing the Request for Services Form, and send it, along with any disability documentation, to the DRC.

In order to evaluate your requests for accommodations, the DRC will take into consideration your self-report, records of past accommodations and services from high school and other colleges, formal psychological or medical evaluations, and letters from health service providers. Any information on how your conditions are likely to impact you here at the University of Georgia will help us to identify potential accommodations and services. Refer to the DRC webpage here for documentation guidelines.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a Disability coordinator prior to submitting materials, please call us at 706-542-8719 or Email the Disability Resource Center.

All materials can be sent or faxed to: Disability Resource Center
114 Clark Howell Hall
Athens, GA 30602-3338
(706) 542-7719 (fax)